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Tonya Kay

Tonya Kay photo courtesy Tonya KayTonya Kay is an actress, TV personality, professional dancer and danger artist living in Los Angeles. A vegetarian of 28 years, vegan for 18 of those and raw vegan for the last 11, Tonya Kay pioneers the green health movement with appearances, publications and green media (available at KayosMarket). Watch Tonya Kay's self-produced web series The Eco Tourist on EcoHearth's Eco Tube. You may have also seen her recently on TV's My Ride Rules, The Tonight Show, Criminal Minds, Glee, House MD, Secret Girlfriend and American Idol with Rhianna. She has performed live in STOMP, De La Guarda, with Panic At The Disco, Kenny Rogers and in countless music videos and commercials. Look for Tonya Kay in the new Muppets Movie, starring in MTV Network's Video Game Reunion, playing a lead in the scripted animal-activist feature film, Bold Native, performing the voice of Green Girl in the raw vegan superhero animated film Rawman and Green Girl and performing burlesque live in Hollywood, California, almost any weekend. In 2012, Tonya Kay will star in the films Off World and Within The Darkness. For more on Tonya Kay, visit her website.

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Clean and Green Everyday
Writer and raw-vegan celebrity, Tonya Kay promotes health and urban environmentalism while navigating Hollywood's film and television industry. Her focus here is on real things that real people can do to make a difference in their everyday lives and their world.
Enjoy Life and Still Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
Thursday, 23 October 2014 00:00  |  Written by Tonya Kay | Blog Entry

Footprints and Wave photo by babbagecabbage I met a woman from Spain while staying at an organic farm/hostel at the base of Japan's Mount Fuji. She said that humans (specifically, she was speaking of Spaniards) are leaving very deep footprints on the world. She, like me, obviously wishes to leave lots of footprints all over the world through travel, but perhaps prints more like those from snow shoes over freshly fallen winter powder. Or, better yet, like sandy beach prints washed away entirely by the next tide. Read on…

How to Grow Wheatgrass in Your Own Kitchen Garden
Wednesday, 15 October 2014 00:00  |  Written by Tonya Kay | Blog Entry

Growing Wheatgrass photo by Kristen TaylorGrowing up, every year for Mother's Day my father would take our whole family to the local greenhouse, where my mom would pick out an array of vegetables, flowers and ornamentals to decorate our home garden that summer. No matter when the spring equinox fell, Michiganders know—considering their state's sneak-attack frosts and late-season freezes—that Mother's Day marks the official "safe zone" for outdoor planting. Mother's Day is, in that region, recognized as the onset of spring. Read on...

Safe Sex? Not If Your Sex Toys Aren’t Green*
Wednesday, 01 October 2014 00:00  |  Written by Tonya Kay | Blog Entry

Pleasure Sign photo by pinkmooseYou can find sex toys everywhere sensual pleasure exists or has existed—unless you live in Alabama, of course, where the last remaining US state law banning the sale of these items is still on books. Yes, outside of Alabama and India, we legally play with sex toys because we like pleasure and we don't like disease. All us good little girls (and boys) are at home having safe sex with our toys—or so we thought. We carefully picked out the color, size and ergonomics of our personal sanity device, but did we consider the materials it was made from? Read on…

Vegan Dating: I Can't Kiss a Smoker
Saturday, 27 September 2014 00:00  |  Written by Tonya Kay | Blog Entry

Cigarette Smoke photo by FriganteIn every family there is a sort of 'family identity' consistent among its members. Usually this involves one characteristic that is vital to being a part of that family and how members secure their belonging. In some families that vital characteristic is the ability to carry on stimulating dinner conversation. In others, members must be able to hoop three-pointers or pitch three strikes. In still others, the uniting tie is the ability to argue, insult and get the upper hand. Whatever the characteristic, it's present—and it's how we know we are part of our family. In my upbringing, the mandated identity was open-mindedness. Read on…

Green Business: The New Eco-Entrepreneur
Wednesday, 06 August 2014 00:00  |  Written by Tonya Kay | Blog Entry

Island Buffet photo by Neeta LindI am a female CEO. Yes, that's right—I'm not just a vagabond gypsy performing artist living the Bohemian dream. I am also a number-crunching genius female entrepreneur with a successful business enterprise on the side. It has taken me more than a year to open up about the being-the-president-of-my-own-company thing. But you know… I've got a starving-artist reputation to protect. Read on…

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Stop requesting ATM receipts. Why destroy trees and add to the ATM tumbleweeds blowing around bank machines? Instead, check your balance on screen and write down that number and your withdrawal amount. More tips...

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Suburbia is where the developer bulldozes out the trees, then names the streets after them. — Bill Vaughn   More quotes...