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'Food, Inc.': Wake-Up Call in the Form of a Movie
Friday, 09 September 2011 00:00  |  Written by TC Brown | Blog Entry

Hello. My name is TC and I’m a foodoholic. For years I’ve been on the "see-food" diet: I see food and I eat it. And I’m not real particular about its history, either, especially if it has visual and aromatic appeal.

I recently wrote about discovering the “Engine 2 Diet” and how it had opened to me a new, exciting and healthy vegan-eating lifestyle.

My daughters best summed up my progress down that road at a recent family wedding in Louisville with the question, “How’s that vegan diet thing going, Dad?” as they stared humorously at the mound of bacon on my plate.

OK, so I’m staring up at the vegan wagon from a prone position on the ground. But a wake-up call in the form of a movie I saw may help me climb back aboard—Food Inc.

I had hesitated to see it because of some of its reviews. Rolling Stone called it “scarier than anything in the last five Saw horror shows.” And that was one of the milder ones.

So I took a friend for moral support and boy were our eyes opened. We had no idea the entire food system was controlled by so few multinational companies who are quick to flex powerful corporate muscle on any perceived threat.

There’s a heart-rending tale about Barbara Kowalcyk, who became a food-safety advocate after her two-year-old son, Kevin, died from E. coli poisoning from a hamburger. A bill, Kevin’s Law, to allow the federal government to close plants that produce contaminated meat, has languished in Washington for years. Meanwhile, thousands die annually from food-related illness.

The factory-farm and slaughterhouse scenes were stomach churning and reminded me of my tour of a mega chicken farm in Ohio several years ago. Groups of a half dozen or more birds were stuffed together in small cages they never leave, stacked six-feet high in giant warehouses for as far as the eye could see. The horror was straight out of a Stephen King novel and I had nightmares for weeks.

But Food Inc. doesn’t abandon hope. It reminds us to check labels, and buy local and in season. My friend is now primed to start a garden and acquire backyard poultry.

We, the consumers, have the groundswell of power should we choose to use it. Much as demand changed Big Tobacco’s irresponsible behavior, we all need to push strongly for good, wholesome food.

As Food Inc. points out, each of us can vote three times a day for a changed system. Take everyone you know to see it.

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Comments (6)add
Written by Rick , December 20, 2011
Hi Tracy,
What the film means by us voting three times a day is that we vote with our dollars each time we decide what to eat. If we buy foods that are unhealthy for us and the environment, then that is what food producers will produce. If we all strive to eat local, organic, unprocessed and minimally packaged foods, our bodies and the Earth will be much happier. And there will be less bad food around to tempt the uninformed and less strong-willed among us.
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Written by tracy , December 19, 2011
Food inc says we can vote three times a day.

I would like to and also have friends vote.

But where is the link?? Can someone please post it :)

Thank you - from MONTREAL, QUEBEC
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Written by Greg Castillo , September 17, 2009

I recently saw this doc too and my mouth was agape from start to finish. I couldn't believe what I was seeing... For the last year or so I've been eating organic and felt better and better each day. Don't know if you can answer this but I thought I'd give it a shot: I can't seem to find stalks of organic corn anywhere. From the film I learned that corn is highly controlled, but there's gotta be somewhere where one can buy it. Any thoughts...?
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Written by Steve Pitzer , August 13, 2009
Hey TC, I've been reading, just not responding! I've got 3 words-- The China Study-- we talked about this book many moons ago.
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Written by tc brown , August 13, 2009
Thanks for the comment. I've not seen those flicks, but I'll look out for them. Information is power, yes?
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Written by Shannon Buck , August 13, 2009
My daughter and I are eating helathier these days. Have you seen The Future of Food or The Human Footprint yet? Very enlightening.

I will look for this one as well.
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